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Welcome to Swing Den

Welcome to Swing Den Water Cooler Page.  here you can find our What’s New Section, Thoughts on the site  and a few other things going on with the site.

What’s New

Mobile Apps.  Both in App Store and Google Play Store


About Swing Den

Although we hope you meet new friends and buddies and hookups or whatever you are looking for we must say we do not consider Swing Den a dating site but more of a social media site for swingers.  This way even if people are not in the same location or close to each other you can develop bonds and friendships like you do on other social media sites.


Change Your Preferences

Did you know that you can change your account Settings Easily. You can choose what emails you get all the way to whether Only Friends or Non Friends can Send you messages or maybe you want to turn chat off. Just go to User Profile–>About–>Preferences




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